Get Weekly Pixel Perfect UX/UI Examples Based On Cialdini's Six Principles Of Influence



Case Study | LocalGuide – iOS App

LocalGuide is an iPhone application that helps vacationers explore the city when they have an open window of time outside their preplanned travel schedule. The first UX/UI assignment from the DESIGNATION…

  • Rivera
  • 01 Apr 2016
Case Study | Yoghurt Shoppe – eCommerce Website

Yoghurt Shoppe is a 45 years old organic yogurt producer entering the online retail space. The advance track UX/UI assignment from the DESIGNATION program is an individual brand building exercise. The challenge for…

  • Rivera
  • 30 Mar 2016
neuromarketing mindmap
What is Neuromarketing Design?

What is Neuromarketing Design? Neuromarketing design is the creative process that involves the core principles of visual hierarchies implemented towards the goal of higher converting actions based on the principles…

  • Rivera
  • 22 Jan 2016