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Have you ever heard about Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Startup?

Well, that math is kind of right $14.99 for a web-hosting service, from Free $0.00 to $41.00 for an email marketing tool, and $25.00 for a lead capturing platform (Total: $80.99).

There you have it your very own startup for less than $100 a month and these are the tools that I personally use and recommend.

1&1 Managed WordPress Hosting

Don't mistake a $3.49 shared hosting solution. For an all-in-one solution like 1&1 with SSD servers, CDN integration and SSL certification for just $14.99.

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A world-class email automation software. No other email marketing tool out there beats their customer service support and it is free—$0 to start.

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The best leads collection tool in the market for just $25.

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Good design requires great data and nobody is better at this than Hotjar. Plus, they have a FREE basic level subscription.

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The Arbitrageur Investing System

A tested and proven investing system with STEP-BY-STEP interactive guides that will teach you how to start producing passive income from capital assets such as interests, dividends, royalties,…

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